Photographs of German defences and other installations

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German defences and other installations

A map showing actual and proposed German installations. The network as originally envisaged was far from complete when the Occupation ended

Where possible we have grouped together photographs of individual batteries and other installations, but it has not been possible to identify the exact location for many of these images
Pictures of the main, and most photographed, defensive installation, Batterie Lothringen, at Noirmont, have their own separate page
This page only includes photographs of the major defensive installations, artillery, anti-aircraft guns and the troops who operated them.
Other photographs of troops manning various defences will be found in a separate gallery showing German soldiers on duty
We have used generic terms for many of the installations shown on this page, such as 'bunker', 'gun emplacement', 'command tower' etc.
We are conscious that every installation built by the occupying troops had an individual German name and specific identification,
and we hope in due course to enlist the help of experts on the Occupation to idenfity locations more accurately

German command tower at Corbiere


2006 conservation statement



Batterie Moltke, Les Landes

2017 pictures of restored installation Batterie Moltke


Batterie Fritzsch

Elizabeth Castle 1941

St Aubin's Bay defences

The first seven pictures show defences on and adjacent to the coastal tower at Beaumont

Bel Royal


Anti-aircraft gun
Noirmont gun emplacement
A gun installation in St Ouen's Bay
Machine gun on Lewis Tower
Gun battery in the grounds of St Ouen's Manor
A tank turret on the slipway between Havre des Pas and La Collette
Rangefinder in St Ouen's Bay

Restored strongpoint

In the aftermath of the Occupation, most German bunkers were stripped of anything which would move, mostly to be sold as scrap or dumped, and then sealed as a safety measure. It was only in the late 20th century and in more recent years that historical organisations such as the Channel Island Occupation Society gained permission from landowners to access the bunkers and start work on restoring them. The strongpoint at Corbiere has undoubtedly been the most successful of these operations, as evidenced by these photographs from a Facebook group. Click on any image to see a full-size version

The original plan of the personnel shelter built at Elizabeth Castle
Anti-aircraft installation at La Moye
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