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Red Lamp


Philip Ingouville developed the whole of the area to the east of Bath Street between Peter Street and Belmont Road in the late 18th century. Historian Philip Ahier, in his Historical Hotels and Inns of Jersey, says that it was a descendant George Ingouville, who built the Red Lamp hotel, on the corner of Peter Street and Ingouville Street

The family owned La Fregonniere, the house on St Saviour's Road, which was eventually to be sold to provide the site of the Imperial Hotel, subsequently the Jesuit college Maison St Louis, and today the Hotel de France, for many years one of the island's largest hotels.

The Red Lamp, in contrast, was a small, typical town public house, the name of which, Ahier suggested, originated in its being a haven for prostitutes.

Renamed Scruffy Murphys, and the ground floor windows overlooking Ingouville Place have disappeared
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