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Robin Brothers


A note issued by Jersey Commercial Bank

Robin Brothers was a private bank founded in 1808, which became Jersey Commercial Bank and traded until 1908

This private bank was formed in St Helier, Jersey, in 1808, as Janvrin, Durell, Mallet, De Veulle and Poingdestre; it was also known as Jersey Commercial Bank. The firm had 19 owning partners, including Charles Durell and Jean Simonet, who were also the bank’s joint agents in Jersey. The business was soon well respected in the island and thrived. Over the years the partners changed and from 1817 the bank was styled Janvrin, Durell, De Veulle and Co and from 1853 Janvrin, Durell and Co.

Robin family

In 1865 an agreement was signed to dissolve the partnership, although this did not happen until 1877. It was at that time that a connection began with the Robin family, owners of the merchant house of Charles Robin and Co. In 1877 Charles William Robin, who had inherited the shares of his father-in-law, John Janvrin, became the bank’s liquidator. When Charles Robin died in 1879, his sons, Charles Janvrin Robin, Philip Robin and Snowdon Robin, continued to run the bank without a partnership agreement under the title of Robin Brothers.

In 1908 the remaining partners, Charles and Snowdon Robin, sold the bank to Parr’s Bank Ltd of Warrington and London. Thereafter the Jersey business operated as a branch of Parr’s Bank.

Parr's Bank is believed to have operated from premises in the New Cut area of King Street.

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