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Origin of Surname

The surname 'Rougier is a variant of the name Roger, and is found in many parts of France. Members of the Rougier family are recorded as owners of property in La Contrée des Prevosts, St Saviours, Guernsey as early as 1550. In fact, TF Priaulx, writes that

Had the Le Prevost family not already given it their own name it is probable that 'La Contrée des Prevosts' would have become known as 'La Contrée des Rougiers'.[1]

Related Places

Notable Islanders

  • Hilary Rougier (1765-1852) - sailor, merchant and founder of Guernsey Banking Company

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  1. Priaulx, TF, The Rougiers Part 1, RGS, Summer 1959


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