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Saint Peter


The parish church is in the heart of the village

A large portion of Saint Peter, a parish in the west of Jersey, is occupied by Jersey Airport. It is the only parish with two coastlines, stretching from St Ouen's Bay in the west to St Aubin's Bay in the south. The parish is the fourth-largest parish by surface area, covering 6,469 vergees

1976 stamp

The traditional nickname for St Pierrais is ventres à baînis (limpet bellies).


The parish is divided into vingtaines:

  • Vingtaine du Douet
  • Vingtaine de St. Nicolas
  • Grande Vingtaine
  • Vingtaine des Augerez
  • Vingtaine du Coin Varin

The parish forms one electoral district and elects one Deputy.

Parish church

Twin town

St Peter is twinned with St Hilaire du Harcöuet in the Normandy Department of Manche

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The parish has two oil paintings on display in the Parish Hall, featured in the Your Paintings project.

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St Peter's Village in 1927, with the Le Brocq shop on the right
Three candidates in an election for Constable in the 1980s. It's tempting to say that the election ended in a tie, but the sitting Constable, Winter Le Marquand, left, defeated Les Till, a parish Centenier; and George Langlois

A 1974 Jersey Evening Post aerial photograph of St Peter's Village under construction
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