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Sand racing events are staged in Jersey by the Jersey Motor Cycle and Light Car Club. The club was formed in 1920, initially solely for motorcycle events.

Sand racing was introduced at Greve d'Azette, later at St Brelade's Bay, Millbrook and St Ouen, which is where the majority of events are now held.

Sand racing is held approximately once a fortnight from May through to September and includes junior and senior motorcycle competitors. The majority of cars are production cars in classes of 1300cc, 1600cc and 2000cc and recently these have proved to be most entertaining and popular with both competitors and spectators.

Three motor cycle greats, Gordon Bisson, Jimmy Lees-Baker and Mac Daghorn
A very rare photograph of sand racing at Beaumont in the 1920s
Bernie (Bernard James) Turpin (1925-2020) on his Rudge Ulster, receiving the winner's cup on 18 July 1946
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