Sculptures on public display in Jersey

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Sculptures on public display in Jersey


The Liberation sculpture at the Weighbridge

The Art UK project to catalogue public art throughout the British Isles initially concentrated on oil paintings, but has now expanded to include sculptures. Over 80 of those listed on its website are in Jersey. This page includes pictures of the great majority of them. [1] We have also included some notable omissions from the Art UK list, which include the statue of Queen Victoria at West Park and that of her grandson King George V in Howard Davis Park.

Only one of the 12 parish millennium crosses features in the Art UK list. [2]

The pictures on this page are largely taken from the Art UK website, but others were already included in Jerripedia.

We acknowledge the assistance we have obtained in identifying works ignored by Art UK from a Dutch website run by René and Peter van der Krogt. It is ironic that their site is probably the only one other than Jerripedia which covers Jersey's public statuary and sculptures in any detail. Several Jersey-based sites on the subject appear to have disappeared from the Web

See also our earlier page with histories of some of the island's statues and monuments

The statue of Queen Victoria, which was originally erected at the Weighbridge, and subsequently moved to Triangle Park at West Park is an amazing omission from the Art UK list of Jersey sculptures. Below: The statue in its original location in circular gardens at the Weighbridge

Public statues

Don Monument - Parade Gardens

The Don Monument, in Parade Gardens, was erected as a tribute to the island's early 19th century Lieut-Governor, who was responsible for starting work on the majority of the island's main roads, and strengthening the island's defences at a time of war with France

King George II - Royal Square

Jersey's first public statue, dedicated to King George II, stands in a prominent position on a granite plinth in the Royal Square, where it was erected in 1751

King George V - Howard Davis Park

The statue of King George V in Howard Davis Park, gifts to the island by T B Davis, is also omitted from the Art UK list

Queen Victoria - West Park

One of Jersey's earliest public statues was erected, somewhat belatedly, at the Weighbridge in 1890, to celebrate Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee three years earlier. It was moved to West Park to make way for an enlarged bus station in 1976

Sir Galahad - Victoria College war memorial

Sir Galahad, the memorial to Old Victorians killed in battle, is in the Victoria College quadrangle. It was visited in 1937 by the Prince of Wales, shortly before he briefly became King. The statue is not mentioned in the Art UK list of sculptures

Major public sculptures

Wing Column - Castle Quay, St Helier

This sculpture by Christopher Le Brun (1951- ) was erected in the Castle Quay development in 1951

Anchors and Buoys - Route de La Liberation, St Helier

This work at St Helier Harbour is by an unknown artist

La vaque de Jerri - West's Centre, St Helier

This sculpture of a herd of Jersey cows by John McKenna (1964- ) is at West's Centre in the middle of the St Helier shopping district

Croix de la Reine - Charing Cross, St Helier

This statue, at the junction of King Street, Broad Street and Charing Cross, was commissioned by the procureurs of St Helier's Vingtaine de La Ville, and erected in 1977 to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee. It was carved in granite by Louis Chataignere and Cyril Warren

Harvey Memorial - St Helier Harbour

This sculpture by an unknown artist is one of two between South Pier and Victoria Pier commemorating 18th century shipwrecks. The other is the Westaway Memorial.

Helical Spire - Jersey Airport

This sculpture by Pauline Witta-Jezewski was erected outside the terminal building at Jersey Airport in 1977

Deportee Memorial - New North Quay, St Helier Harbour

This work by Gordon Young (1952- ) is a tribute to those islanders deported to camps in Germany during World War Two

Le Travailleux d'Cauchie - The Weighbridge

This 1999 work - The Docker - by Colin Miller (1943- ) stands outside the entrance to the Jersey Museum and Art Gallery

Fountain - Central Market, St Helier

The fountain in the centre of Jersey's public market was the work of Abraham Viel and Dyson Foundry, Yorkshire and George Smith and Company, Sun Foundry. The fountain was unveiled when the market opened in 1881

Monument to Freedom

The Liberaton Sculpture by Philip Henry Christopher Jackson is the centrepiece of St Helier's Liberation Square. It commemorates the end of the German Occupation of the island in World War Two

Freedom Tree - Waterfront, St Helier

This sculpture by Richard Perry (1960- ) and Linda Rose Parkes was erected on St Helier's waterfront in 2005

Les Jongleurs - Queen Street

This work by Caroline Vincent is a granite sculpture of two musicians erected in the pedestrian precinct at Snow Hill in 1996. The violinist was originally holding a slender bow, which was broken by vandals within days of the statue being unveiled. It was decided not to replace it

Swimmers - Jardins de La Mer

This sculpture by Philip Henry Christopher Jackson stands in Jardins de La Mer on St Helier's waterfront

Le Bouan Crapaud - Charing Cross, St Helier

This sculpture of a toad on a tall granite column by Gordon Young (1952- ) was erected at Charing Cross, the historical western gateway to the town of St Helier, in 2004

Migration - La Colomberie

This work by Nenne van Dijk, was originally sited on a roundabout at the entrance to Jersey Airport, but moved to the front of a new housing development on the site of the former Ritz Hotel, in 1995

Golden Jubilee Needle - Albert Pier

This work by Richard Perry (1960- ) was erected in 2004 to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's golden jubilee two years earlier

Victoria Crown - Victoria Avenue

This monument at the eastern end of Victoria Avenue was erected to celebrate Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee in 1897

Other public sculptures


Small sculptures

Miscellaneous sculptures

Images of statues and sculptures not in Art UK

Notes and references

  1. A handful which have no apparent connection to Jersey other than being in the ownership of Jersey Heritage, have been omitted.
  2. There is very little information available about these crosses, and the parish millennium stones which were an integral part of the project. We are attempting to find more information and hope to include pictures of all 12 crosses and 12 stones in due course.
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