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The hotel, which stands on the hillside above St Aubin's Harbour, was originally a private house. The earliest record of the property being sold showed it changed hands for the sum of £430 plus £80 for the stabling in 1877.

Later in the 19th century, the house was extended, redesigned in the style of a Swiss chalet and became the hotel which has hardly changed in shape and size to this day.

The next time the hotel was sold was in 1902, when it changed hands for £4,011 16s 3d.

As with the rest of the Channel Islands the Somerville had a very dark period in its history between June 1940 and May 1945 when it was used as accommodation for German troops occupying the islands.

Reconstruction and renovation started in December 1946 and the hotel reopened for guests in July 1947.

In 1985 the hotel was sold to its present owners, the Dolan family, and became a part of their group, Dolan Hotels, which owns two other hotels on Jersey. They refurbished and extended, maintaining the Swiss chalet appearance.

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