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St Clement's Church

burial register

St Clement is the only one of Jersey's 12 parish churches to have produced an online guide to the graves in the surrounding churchyard. The register lists over 5,000 graves in date order and is also searchable by surname.

We have now produced an A-Z index of the register, and it will soon also appear along with other funeral and burial datasets in our fully searchable online database

The St Clement records show the surname and forename(s) of the deceased, the date of burial and their age at death. It also indicates which part of the cemetery the grave can be found in and the plot number.

The spelling of surnames is exactly as taken from the St Clement website and there are some unexpected variations on common Jersey family names. Our advice is the same as it is with any other set of records included in Jerripedia. If you don't find an ancestor where you expect to, look for variations in spelling and, perhaps for names with or without prefixes, such as Le, La, L', de and du. Variations may appear next to records for names spelt in the standard form; they may also be some way out of sequence.


Because of the unusual way in which some of the software used to process our index handles dates, all dates after 1 January 1900 are in that format, whereas dates in 1899 and earlier are in the format yyyy-mm-dd.


The St Clement Church website offers further facilities to those searching for a grave or for information about an ancestor. Additional details are given for each entry, including the undertaker's name and any previous burials in the grave. A map of the cemetery linked to each entry indicates the approximate location of the grave.


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