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St Helier Registrar's death records - U


A page from an early St Helier death register

When the compulsory registration of births, marriages and deaths was introduced in Jersey, the responsibility for recording these events was given to the parishes, with each of the 12 required to appoint a registrar. The records were then co-ordinated centrally by the Office of the Superintendent Registrar. This system is still in place today.

The Superintendent Registrar's records are all retained in an office in the Royal Square, and some, but not all, of the individual parish records are now in the keeping of Jersey Archive. They have begun work on digitising the St Helier registers, starting with deaths.

Although the majority of deaths from 1842 onwards would have occurred in St Helier and been recorded there, a substantial number happened in other parishes. The St Helier records, therefore, only represent a proportion of the total.

The Archive website provides access to the registers for subscribers to their service. The volumes are indexed, giving the name of the deceased and the date of death, but this has to be known before an individual record can be located. We have combined all the records which have been digitised so far into a single A - Z index. This index, which currently contains 17,000 records, will be expanded as more registers are made available online.

The handwritten registers give the date of death, name, sex, age, address and profession of the deceased, cause of death, doctor and funeral director's names, and any further observations. Later registers add time and place of death, the identity of the person providing the information, cause of death and the date of registration. This can be extremely valuable information for family historians researching ancestors in Jersey.

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  • Ulrich, Jacob |29/06/1874
  • Ulrick, Marie, née Join |06/08/1875
  • Umphelby, Ann, |20/11/1853
  • Underhill, Grace nee Blight |03/03/1861
  • Underhill, Hugh |04/12/1854
  • Underwood, Betsey Rachel nee Lempriere |01/09/1855
  • Usher, John |24/03/1856
  • Usher, Mary nee Hill |05/11/1853
  • Ussell, Judith Amelia |13/01/1864

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