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  • 1835 Marie Marguerite and George Picot


  • 1762 Esther and Pierre d'Allain
  • 1724 Marguerite and Jean Binet
  • 1825 Peggy and Jean Tessier
  • 1719 Rachel and Jean Mauger
  • 1745 Susanne and Aaron Blanpied


  • 1743 Jeanne and Philippe Le Couteur


  • 1729 Elizabeth and Abraham Remon


  • 1767 Anne and Nicolas Giffard
  • 1820 Douce Jeanne and Philippe Le Cornu
  • 1765 Elizabeth and Clement Picot
  • 1776 Esther and Clement Lesbirel
  • 1757 Marie and Clement Romeril
  • 1763 Marie and Jean Pinel
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