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The old school building
The new school building
The parish primary school

St Lawrence is the only parish in the Island to have its church, the parish hall, arsenal and school all situated next to each other and running in a straight line, in this case on Grande Route de St Laurent.

The school was built in 1902 and opened in 1903, is similar in design to many other parish schools built around this time. The traditional granite walls of the building blend well with the beautiful surrounding countryside.

St Lawrence in its early days was an Elementary School. At that time most pupils received the whole of their education at St. Lawrence and left to commence their working life at fourteen.

In 1913 it was one of 14 parish schools taken over by the States.

In 1949 St Lawrence became the first Primary School to take children from five to eleven years, and that respect it has not changed over the past 60 years.

The Nursery was added in 1992 and the complete refurbishment/rebuilding programme for the whole school was completed in 2000.

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