St Ouen's Bay

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On the coast
St Ouen's Bay

St Ouen's Bay runs the full length of Jersey's west coast. This is an artist's view of the bay in 1865

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The bungalows which were scattered all along the shoreline before the Germans built a sea wall have now disappeared

Areas of the bay

L'Etacq - La Pulente - La Rocco Tower - St Ouen's Pond - Grande Route des Mielles

Stops on our coastal tour of Jersey NEW

St Ouen's Bay: north - St Ouen's Bay: centre - St Ouen's Bay: south


A selection of 360-degree panoramic views of the bay

From La Pulente

From Kempt Tower

Le Braye

La Caumine a Marie Best

Barge Aground

Kempt Tower

Kempt Tower

Paraglider above La Pulente

Les Mielles Golf Course

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A photograph of the bay taken from a kite
Steps to the beach at Chateau Plaisir
La Moye clubhouse in 1933, with weekend chalets lining the coast behind
A standing stone in the middle of the sand dunes
1970 panorama

Occupation photographs

These pictures of of the bay during the German Occupation come from an official German army collection. For the full set of pictures of German installations across the whole of the island, follow this link

Notes and references

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