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Sundry pictures of the German Occupation


This page contains a wide range of pictures taken during the German Occupation. See Photo gallery of the German Occupation for more galleries on specific subjects. Further photographs will be found on pages containing individual articles on the German Occupation.


Just over a decade after the Jersey Eastern Railway from St Helier to Gorey closed down, with the land returned to private ownership, the Germans requisitioned land and built their own version, running from Gorey to town. Instead of having a town terminus at Snow Hill, the new railway, built by Organisation Todt, looped around La Collette, through a tunnel, on a trestle across the English Harbour, along Commercial Buildings, across the Weighbridge and then westward along the Esplanade. As soon as Liberation came, German prisoners of war were ordered to dismantle the railway and remove all tracks

A map of the German Occupation rail network

At sea

A German minesweeper in St Helier Harbour

Senior German officers

Pictures of the various high-ranking German officers in charge of military operations in Jersey from 1940 to 1945 and visiting top brass

On 11 July 1941 the Oberbefehlshaber West (commander in chief, west) Field Marshal Erwin von Witzleben, paid a one-day visit to Jersey accompanied by the commanding Admiral in France, Admiral Schultze, his chief of staff, Rear-admiral Litzmann, the Channel coast naval commander, Vice-admiral von Fischel, and the naval artillery commander in Normandy, Captain Fink. The party paid a visit to the naval coastal artillery battery Lothringen at Noirmont Point

Miscellaneous subjects

Construction of St Catherine reservoir dam
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