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Generation 8: Rachel ALEXANDRE md Jean LEMPRIERE Also found another indication that this is right ST HELIER BAPS/GPs 24.07.1774 - Jean fs George TOUZEL et Marie Alexandre [Jean Lempriere et Rachel Alexandre sa fme]

Generation 13 - NZ

Generation 13 - Clara Longmore ALEXANDRE md William Alexander CLELAND in 1901, New Zealand. Her sister Alice Civilise md William John DONNElL in 1901, New Zealand. Alice Civilise Alexandre and her husband William John Donnell are buried in the Burwood Cemetery, Christchurch, New Zealand. There is a marriage for a Henry John ALEXANDRE MD 1920, NZ to Rosa May JURY - but unsure if this is him.

Addington Cemetery, Christchurch, NZ Henrietta, relict of Ph. LE MOTTEE of the Island of Jersey, d 7 Feb 1889. Also Henry, husband of Harriet ALEXANDRE, d 20 Oct 1923 a 79. Also their dau, Maud Mary, d 19 Dec 1879 a 8mths. Also Harriet Amelia, wife of Henry ALEXANDRE, d 17 Sept 1939 a 91.

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