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Dear members of the Dacam-Family, while looking for my ancesters I found a possible member of your family as my relative.

He is John Philip Charles Dacam, born on 30 July 1870 in Jersey, son of John Dacam and Eleanor Tuirot.

He married my grandaunt Helena Theresa Emilia Voss, born on 6 September 1875 in Stettin, Germany, on 8 December 1899 in Stettin, and had one son: Alfred John Otto Dacam, born on 6 October 1900 in Stettin They lived there until before the beginning of World War I. The last concrete information I found is an adress in an adress book of Stettin from 1912, citing them as living in Stettin, Paradeplatz 4.

As far as I know, they left Germany before or with beginning of the war at the latest and travelled around the world, visiting the Near East.

I am very interested to hear more about the ancesters of him and his parents. From your list of the family tree it becomes not clear for me, who his grantparents are. I also would be glad if you would have some information about the family of my grandaunt. I have no idea where and how long she lived after leaving Germany. May be you also have some information about her son Alfred John Otto Dacam and his descendents?

Sylvia Winkelmann-Witkowsky

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