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I cannot find a birth record in Jersey for any Edouard Remon (abt 1711 - 1779) but we do have his marriage and burial record, plus the fact he was Constable of St Brelade for 10 years before his death.

I have looked through the records and also found the Edouar(d) Remon b. 21 May 1704, at St Peter, on page 321/500 of the copied version of 1626 - 1715 Registry book, looking at the original on Ancestry I also found Jaque b. 1698 and Jean b. 1701. The mother is not mentioned in the record for Edouard but plenty of reference to her family name Pipon:

Edouar fils Msr Nicolas Remon pr. Msr Thomas Pipon Et Damoselle Elizabeth Pipon fame de Monsieur Pipon 21 May (1704)

I managed to find all the records for his parents: Nicolas Remon and Jeanne (De Carteret) Pipon. (Grandparents were Fran├žois Remon and Collette Mauger).

John Renouf

Jaque Remon 1698 is on p. 301/500 of the later Copied version. Jean Remon 1701 is on p. 311/500 of the copied version

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