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Diane Essex-Clark: I have been assisting a couple of descendants of Daniel Elie Pigeon, who arrived in New Zealand in 1855. Using the census and the transcribed parish registers on Jerripedia, I suggest some corrections to the tree.

[Editor's note: We are grateful to Diane for her suggestions, which have led us to re-examine both trees present in Jerripedia at the beginning of 2017, and make numerous corrections and additions, as well as adding a third Pigeon tree.

Diane's reliance on census returns has led her to confuse two John Pigeons, apparently both born in 1828, only one of whom appears in the baptism registers. The John Charles Pigeon in this tree did marry Selina Dowinton and they had a son, in 1853. But he did not, as previously shown, marry Sarah Ann Mallowby. That John is correctly shown in Descendants of Elisee Pigeon

The John Pigeon who married Ellen Sullivan in St Helier in 1876 is shown in the church register as the son of sailor John Pigeon, about whom we have not been able to find any further information.]

  • 1 Jean Francois Pigeon ( -1826) m (25 Jul 1795 St Helier) Elizabeth Nicolle (1760-1834 Not check her dates)
    • 2 William Pigeon (bapt: 9 Jun 1802 St Helier- Between 1836 and 1841) (St H) m not found Elizabeth Rivalle, (bapt 14 Jan 1801 St Helier – between 1871 & 1881) d/o Francois Rivalle and Susanne Pallot
      • 3 William Pigeon Rival (bapt 1 Oct 1822 St Hellier - ) Father listed as Unknown, Mother Elizabeth
      • 3 Daniel Elie Pigeon (bapt 17 Mar 1826 St Helier- Died in New Zealand) Daniel Elie was convicted in the Royal Court of Jersey in 1849 for highway robbery. He was sentenced to 10 years and was one of 292 convicts transported on the Pestonjee Bomanjee, on 16 April 1852 to Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania, Australia), arriving on 31 July 1852. He received his Ticket of Leave in 1854 and arrived in New Zealand under the surname Wilson in 1855.
      • 3 John Charles Pigeon (7 March 1828 St Helier - between 1901 and 1911) John was a seaman/mariner who at the age of 42, in 1871, was still unmarried and living with his mother. By 1881 he was a labourer in St Helier, aged 53 and married to Ellen Sullivan age 29. They married 29 October 1876 in St Helier. In 1891 he was listed as age 64, general labourer and living with his brother Edward (Edouard) and his wife Kate. In 1901 he was a 72 year old widower and a border with the Hopkins family
      • 3 Elizabeth Marie Pigeon (20 Apr 1834-3 Sep 1836) (St Helier)
      • 3 Edouard Pigeon (20 Mar 1836 - ) (St H) m (25 Sep 1888, St Helier) to Kate England

INFORMATION ON ERRORS: Elizee Daniel Pigeon, s/o Elisee Pigeon and Rachel Le Masurier, bapt 29 Nov 1829 St Helier.

Marriage: 19 Jul 1863 St Helier, Elizee Pigeon to Mary Ann Le Geyt

Child: Elias Abraham Thomas Pigeon, s/o Elias Daniel Pigeon and Mary Ann Le Geyt, born 16 Jul 1864, bapt 2121 Aug 1864, St Helier, G/p Abraham Le Geyt and Mary Pigeon.

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