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Admins:: I think the record for Romayn (or Romain) Renouf should be changed. These are the original records at St Helier I have found:

One marriage record: Romayn Renouf de la paroisse de St Laurens a prins à femme ce (iourdhuy) huictième d'octobre (1597) Susanne La Martinniere fille Collas ainsi (unreadable).. ... and

One burial record: Collas le Martinier fut enterré Le 29 de May (1597)

If the marriage record above is the right one it is actually the very FIRST record findable in any parish registers for this line back to circa 1480. You should check this out yourselves, I think I am right.

I know French well and have studied how to read these old records in the original medieval to early modern French to the 1600s The only thing is the handwriting and if there is the infamous 'secretary hand' that creeps in through the 1500s to the early to well into the mid 1600s, then it can be very difficult!! I think many original records are effectively 'lost' to us if the handwriting is this hard one, it is like looking at Russian!! This doesn't just happen for St Helier or St Lawrence (St Laurens) for old records but also for St Saviour (St Saveur) and other parishes. Other old parish records were copied in the late 18th century or early 19th going by the handwriting style (which is very legible!!).

The records I found above fortunately were in Italic hand! But after that it is all secretary hand through the 1600s for St Lawrence! I am now going through these page by page to see what I can find.

John Renouf

Tree further updated and details added 30 July 2021 based on John Renouf's tree - MB

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