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This tree is assembled from a number showing the same descendancy at and also from information on the Jersey Family Tree group on Facebook

This tree is a mostly a duplicate of the tree "Nicolas Tostevin b. c1470 Brittany, France" which I put up some time ago. It would have made a lot more sense to have added the extra information to the tree I had up rather than create a second tree. I would have been happy to add it for you if need be and at some stage I probably will add the extra information to the Nicolas Tostevin Tree.

From Aussie: I don't know how the discussion section works so I am adding my comment here. I have no idea who added the Pierre Tostevin tree, but in the comment above regarding the Nicolas Tostevin tree, the person who put up the Pierre Tostevin tree is also claiming to have added Nicolas' tree . . . NOT TRUE!!! I (Aussie) added Nicolas' tree some time ago, mostly from research done by David Pedgley. I have since found further research by David in which a lot of his old research has changed. I think I may have finally tracked David down and I am currently waiting to hear from him. As soon as I can I will update Nicolas' tree myself.

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