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Looking in the Jerripedia BMD I found:

George William Baley son of William and Mary, chr. 9 Apr 1837 in St Helier ::

William Bayley son of William and Mary, chr. 17 Mar 1839 in St Helier ::

Samuel Baily son of William and Mary Lipton(?), born 4 Jul 1843, chr. 16 Jul 1843 in St Helier ::

Mary Jane Barley dau. of William and Hannah Edmunds (possibly not a match), born 3 Dec 1845, chr. 28 Dec 1845 in St Helier ::

Cannot find anything for John, Eliza and Emily

And how about: William Baley married Mary Liften, 15 Oct 1837, St Helier (although after christening of George William)

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