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George Alfred Edward Helleur dob 1863 died 1906 was my Great Grandfather who emigrated to Tasmania in the 1880s. He married a Maria Emily (Mary) Flynn in 1888 (died 1928)and had three children George Francis Edward Helleur dob 1892 died 1972, Mary Gean Helleur dob 1894 died 1907 and Kathleen Carmody (nee Helleur) dob 1989 died 1984. My grandmother told me that her father died after straining his heart after rescuing a colleague in a furnace fire and that her sister died a few months later from heart break when she was a little girl. She later had a falling out with her brother, a rift that was never healed but she was was very proud of her Jersey heritage and I would love to see her name on the family tree.

Thank you, Therese Holland

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