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What is the origin of the name Plaisance?

I ask because Plaisance was the French name for the town in Newfoundland now known as Placentia. A John Emberly (possible Newfoundland variant of Hemery?) is found at Little Placentia, Newfoundland in Little Placentia in 1871. The Hemery Bros. were trading to Newfoundland and there is direct evidence that they were in Harbour Grace and in Forteau, Labrador. Were they also trading in Placentia Bay?

Note that per the following Wikipedia entry (and my own personal knowledge), part of the town is known as "Jerseyside". Little Placentia is today known as Argentia, but was called by the French Petite Plaisance.

I don't think there was any particular origin to the name - it simply translates as 'Pleasure' and has been used for other houses elsewhere in Jersey with no connection to this one. - Mike Bisson

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