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Pleased to see the information on Plemont. I probably the last living person who was related to the owner of Plemont Hotel and the general area. I lived in one of the bungalows next to the hotel, played there with my brother[RIP]. The germans blew up our bungalow. I remeber going to the Holiday camp while on leave from the army one new year. My brothers ashes are scattered near the car park, nearest they could get to the bungalows. Grave stones at St Brelades for Laugee, the ones next to 134[infront of the main door under the tree.] stoodleys also, missed and they are good.

How ever I have used Wiki extensivly tracing various family members, of which there are many, Rev Tabb[RIP] was my uncle. Wish I could help, unfortunatley live in France and the UK.

Keep up the good work

[Editor's note: the sender of this message did not include a contact name]

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