The Dicq

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The Dicq

An 1855 painting of the Dicq by Frenchman Jules Laurens
The Dicq, looking east towards Green Island in 1967

The Dicq, between Havre des Pas and Greve d'Azette, is on St Saviour's short stretch of coastline, the shortest of any of the 12 parishes. The name refers to the wooden dicq/dyke which used to prevent the sea from flooding the low-lying areas on this part of the south coast. Much of the Samares area was marshy land below high tide level

Bobbies' Milk Bar
White Horse Inn
1950s: Mike Renouf, a regular contributor to Jerripedia's photo archive, sent us this picture and recalls that the 1950s were the days when you could order tea trays from The Shack at the top of the slipway, with a real teapot and china cups, sitting on deckchairs with folding shades over them and ice creams served from a trolley alongside
Victor Hugo at the Dicq (six tree trunks from the left) photographed by his son Charles in 1853
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