The La Collette land reclamation scheme of the 1970s in pictures

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La Collette land reclamation in the 1970s

In 1973 Jersey embarked on the first major land reclamation scheme since the coastline of St Helier was extended to encompass the area now known as the Weighbridge some two centuries earlier. The La Collete land reclamation scheme, as it was known, would provide a modern berth for tankers bringing petroleum and other liquid fuels to the island, the first of what would become a succession of yacht marinas to cope with the growing demand for moorings for visiting leisure craft, and a large land area for liquid and gas fuel tanks, as well as miscellaneous commercial activities.

The picture gallery below shows how this reclamation scheme progressed month by month, and succeeded where a somewhat similar scheme to provide St Helier with a deep-water harbour had failed in the 1870s.

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