The journal of Philip John Pinel

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The journal of
Philip John Pinel


Jerseyman Philip John Pinel wrote a lengthy journal about his travels around the globe in the tea business from 1855 to 1927

John Pinel was born on 14 January 1849 at a house in Lempriere Street, St Helier.

Until he was six he lived with his mother in Jersey while his father was away at sea, and they then moved to England. He was not very healthy in his early years, suffering typhus fever and smallpox. During his schooldays he joined his father and mother on sea trips to help his health.

His early desire for a career at sea changed on a voyage with his father when he was 16, and at 19 he got a job in the tea business, as a shipping clerk in Shanghai, and later had various postings on the China coast, as well as in Yokohama, Japan. Because of unsatisfactory health, in 1874 he returned to England. The following year he returned to China, again in the tea trade, until 1877, when he returned again to England and was in the tea business there.

He married Emily Cremer in May 1880 at St Luke’s Church, Lower Norwood and in 1889 they decided to emigrate to Australia and went to Tasmania.

He wrote a lengthy journal of his life from the age of six to shortly before his death in 1930.

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