The life of islanders during the German Occupation

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On the way home with food parcels from the Vega

Propaganda film

These pictures are stills taken from a German propaganda film, clearly intending to portray St Helier as a busy town in the wake of the 1940 invasion. The film probably dates to later that year, or early 1941, because buses became a much more infrequent sight on island roads as fuel supplies ran short. The stills are taken from a film included in the Facebook group Jersey Temps Passe.

Letters from France

Jersey was not entirely isolated for most of the Occupation. Although there was no postal service with the UK - Red Cross letters were the only means of communication between islanders and friends and family on the other side of the Channel. But letters could be received from France, also Occupied by the Germans until after D-day in 1944. Here are some examples, as well as one sent from occupied Netherlands, which had been opened and re-sealed by the German censors

A map showing coastal areas which were off limits to islanders during the Occupation
Islanders were not allowed on the deserted Esplanade
Queuing for food for pets at the Animal Shelter
Many areas of public land were used for growing potatoes

Potato clamps at Les Peupliers, St Ouen, and another location in St Mary. The Germans ordered the lifting of some stored potatoes to be sent to France. Photographs by Emile Guiton, one of the few people licensed to take photographs during the Occupation

Authorised fishing vessels and boat requisitions

Pictures from Occupation scrapbooks

During the Occupation a number of islanders kept diaries, others filled scrapbooks with family memorabilia and newspaper cuttings which charted the progress of the war. The following pictures are taken from these scrapbooks

General Von Richthofen reviews German troops in St Brelade's Bay

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