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Vieux Menage, St Saviour


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Property name

Vieux Menage

Other names

  • Vieux Menage House


Rue du Vieux Menage, St Saviour

Type of property

18th century farm


Sold for £800,000 in 2008, £970,000 in 2018 and £1.1 million in 2020. It was identified as Vieux Menage House in the last sale and it is believed that there had been some division of the property between 2008 and 2020

Families associated with the property


GNC ♥ SDP 1826 - For George Nicolle of St Martin (1787-1857) and Susanne du Pont of St Saviour (1797-1875) who married in St Helier on 6 April 1815 IPD ♥ MBT 1750 - For Jean Poingdestre and Marthe Bertram [1] IPD ♥ SDC 1768 - Jean Poingdestre (St S), son of the above, and Sara de Carteret (St Mt) who married in St Martin on 22 April 1752 [2]

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Farm group with fine example of 18th century stonework and retaining some early 19th century features internally. The presence of medieval ornamental lintels is of interest.

This building is shown on the Richmond Map of 1795. It has an early core dating from the 15th century with its further development in 18th century.

The two-storey five-bay farmhouse has a 1930s wing to the south and converted barn to the north, both returning to run east forming a U-shaped yard in front of the house.

Detached building to the northwest.

Central entrance, originally single pile with two extensions to rear, one historic, one 20th century. Stair has mahogany turned balusters, newel and handrail at base only. Stair now reconfiguated to L-shape with new balustrade.

First floor north room has a simple fireplace and grate. First floor southeast room has reed moulded fireplace and grate.

Old Jersey Houses

This is among many properties in the island which the author speculated may have been the site of a medieval chapel, in this instance La Chapelle de Maufant, and that the ornamental window lintels (now in the garden) are from the chapel - with an estimated date 1400-1500. She notes that the name has been written in a variety of ways in the course of time, appearing as Maufant in 1309, Malfranc or Malfang in 1460 and Maufang in 1621, among others.

The only evidence that there may have been a chapel here, rather than elsewhere at Maufant, is the window lintels - 'of great interest' - found in the garden. The entry describes the lintels in considerable detail and does not mention the house at all, save for indicating that it has connections to the Poingdestre, Hamelin and Nicolle families. Although the datestones are included in the list in Vol Two, they are not mentioned in the article on the house

Notes and references

  1. Formerly on a gatepost; not lost after being hit by a car, as suggested in the datestone register, but now used as a garden seat. The stone does not read IPG as stated in HER
  2. Although we have been able to confirm the details of Jean's marriage andhis parents, we have not been able to place either couple in any of our Poingdestre trees
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