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Joan Stevens' Old Jersey Houses, Vol 1, records two houses in St Lawrence named Ville au Veslet, both in the district of the same name, and on Mont Isaac. It appears that one is now known as Ville au Veslet Farm, to distinguish between them.

The district and the properties were named after the Le Veslet family, which settled in St Brelade in the 16th century. The older of the two St Lawrence properties probably dates from the late 17th century, and a gable stone is inscribed 1694.

Other stones

Ville au Veslet Farm

  • FLG AVB 1818 - François Langlois of St Lawrence and Anne Vibert of St Peter married in St Helier in 1806

Ville au Veslet

  • FRM 1694 - François Remon married Jeanne Pinel in 1690
  • IRM RPD 1739 - Jean Remon, son of above François married Rachel Poingdestre of St John in 1727
  • PFDLC ILL 1825 - Philippe François de la Court and Jeanne Le Lièvre of St Martin married in 1820

Family trees

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