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Escapee Denis Vibert report on early months of the Occupation

The Germans allow the Island a small quantity of petrol and it is the business of the States to ration it as they think fit. It seems that their first consideration is the allocation of petrol for the use of individual members. Doctors and utility services are allowed a small ration. The farmers, however, complain bitterly that the allowance of petrol which is made to them is grossly inadequate, and that it is insufficient to carry out the necessary ploughing.

It is possible to obtain a car for a wedding if permission is asked but never more than two cars are provided. A few buses still run on some services although very infrequently, and horse-drawn bus services have been introduced. There is one operating between Val de la Mare and Town once every Saturday. Captain Benest runs a service to the east of the Island and also a daily one in Town.

Most of the road signs are in German and the system of driving on the right hand side of the road is in force. In this connection a certain amount of difficulty has been encountered with horses. Most people cycle and many have trailers attached for carrying things.

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