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Walter Aubin Le Rossignol (1875—1945) was a Judge in India.

Early years

The son of John Mauger Le Rossignol, Governor of the Gaol, and Mary Ann Rachel Aubin, he was born in St Helier in 1875. As a brilliant student at Victoria College (1884-91) he won the Gold Medals for Classics and Modern Languages and French and the Queen's History Prize. He passed first into the Indian Civil Service direct from school.

He went to Exeter College, Oxford, with a Channel Islands Scholarship, and in due course arrived in India, where he eventually held a succession of high judicial posts, retiring as Senior Puisne Judge in 1926.

Archibald Campbell wrote:

"He was quite the most eminent and efficient Judge of the Chief Court and the High Court that I have known, and I was in a good position to know, for I was Registrar for many years, and have had the reading up of the Law Reports since I retired. And, apart from judging, his was one of the best brains in our Service".

He married Jeanne Dugand, daughter of a Methodist Minister, and had two daughters, Jeanne and Yvonne. He died at Eastbourne on 11 August 1945.

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