William Molleson Carcaud

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State: Maryland

Location: Calvert

Location Type: County

Salutation: To the Honourable William Kilty Esq & Chancellor of Maryland

Filing Date: 1815-June-21

Ending Date: 1816-February-22

General Petition Information: David Carcaud seeks to settle the estate of the late William M Carcaud. The petitioner explains that William Carcaud "became bona fide indebted" to a merchant named Samuel Whittington "for goods wares and merchandise properly chargeable in account". To secure this debt, William Carcaud executed a deed of mortgage for certain slaves. After Samuel Whittington's death, the administrator of his estate, William Whittington, "assigned all the right title and interest to the said deed of mortgage to this complainant". The petitioner asks that the mortgaged property "may be sold, to satisfy the said debt."

Result: granted

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