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On the south coast of Jersey in the Parish of Saint Clement is a rocky promontory, from which rises a granite outcrop known as Rocqueberg

A Societe Jersiaise visit to Witches Rock in 1959

The story of Hubert and Madeleine

Legend tells us that Hubert was engaged to Madeleine. He used to go for long walks during the evenings, and one evening he walked towards Rocqueberg Point. He fell asleep next to the rock, but when he awoke the rock had gone - and was replaced by a magic wood, with beautiful girls dancing round the trees.

Hubert danced with them, and as he left he promised he would return the following night. When he got home, he told Madeleine about the strange events, and she warned him not to go the next night, but Hubert decided to go anyway.

Madeleine told the parish priest about her suspicions, and the priest told her to take a crucifix and follow Hubert. When Madeleine reached Rocqueberg, she saw Hubert, merrily dancing.

But there were no beautiful girls - just ugly old witches. Madeleine held the crucifix high above her head and ran towards the witches - who vanished, shrieking. Hubert collapsed, unconscious.

Beware of Friday nights

This eerie place was the meeting place for witches and devil worshipers and no one in their right mind would go near the place on a Friday night, especially at a full moon. On one part of the rock, the cloven hoof print of the devil is said to be clearly visible.

As well as the story of Hubert and Madeleine, another 16th century legend is associated with Rocqueberg:

The second story also involves a young fisherman This part of the Jersey coastline is very treacherous because there are many rocks hidden under the water. Legend has it that the witches of Rocqueberg would only allow fishermen to pass this headland safely if they were thrown every thirteenth fish from the fishermen's catch. If they failed to do this the hags would cast a spell to raise a great storm, and the boat would be smashed to pieces on the rocks.

One brave fisherman refused to do this - instead he took a five-rayed starfish from his catch, cut off one of the arms and threw it at the witches, shouting: 'The cross is my passport'. It landed amongst the witches in the shape of the cross and they disappeared, never to be seen again.

Violet Robert's impression of the witches
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