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From The Islander, 1940

A Great deal of war work is being done in Jersey at private sewing-parties where innumerable comforts and essentials are made for the fighting forces. We reproduce photographs of two parties: the two top pictures show some members of Mrs Noakes' sewing-party who are working for the Personal Service League, their president being the Marchioness of Londonderry. Up to the moment, they have sent away over 400 garments, such as scarves, helmets, mittens, and clothes for evacuated children. The members of this local branch meet every Friday at 3 o'clock at De Gruchy's Restaurant. Mrs Noakes would welcome any new volunteer for this very deserving cause.

The two lower photographs show members of Miss Alderson's working-party at her own house, Kingsdown, Millbrook, where helpers gather every Tuesday afternoon to sew for the Ladies' Guild British Sailors' Society. The patroness of this Society is HM Queen Mary and the Jersey president, Elizabeth, Lady Knott. All the work done is sent to Headquarters, and this branch must certainly be of valuable assistance to British seamen who receive such articles as shirts, pyjamas, vests, socks, sea-boots, steering-gloves, helmets, mittens, scarves and pullovers.

Miss Alderson would be very grateful to anybody who could help her in their spare time by knitting or sewing at home, and she would be only too pleased to supply the necessary material.

These two sewing-parties that we were privileged to see at work are turning out first-class articles which are a credit to the people concerned. We have seen hand-made garments before, but were amazed at the quality of the workmanship and the time and trouble that must have been put in each article. Some of our readers may be able to help the working-parties and others who are already too busy might like to show their appreciation by helping financially.

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