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Beaulieu Convent


Beaulieu in 1930, before it became a school

Beaulieu Convent was founded at St Matthews Convent, Coin Varin, in 1937 by a French Order, the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception. It moved to its present site in 1951 with 16 girls and 18 boys of infant school age. It has grown to an establishment of over 630 girls ranging from ages 4 to 18. There are 210 in the primary School and 420 in the Secondary School, which includes a Sixth Form of 80 plus.

An 1880 photograph of the house around which the school was built

Beautiful location

At the time, Beaulieu was a very fitting name: mature trees, swathes of grass, vegetable fields, views of the sea. Beaulieu was the name given to the home of Francois Bertram in 1824. He was a businessman who chose to build himself a gentleman's residence with its fine architectural features. It laid the foundations for what is now one of the most successful schools in Jersey.The main house was the Sisters’ home and their school. The chapel and tiny summerhouse were much as they are today.

The school quickly established a reputation for good education and strong Christian values.

Pupils numbers grew and new buildings were added in 1958, 1963, 1970, 1978, 1989, 1993 and 2005. Some of the younger pupils are third generation Beaulieu pupils.


In 2000, the Sisters withdrew from direct ownership and management and donated all the school’s buildings and assets to the island by way of a trust. Now lay teachers staff the school.

Recently the Beaulieu Foundation has been set up to build a network of Beaulieu supporters and to support the development plans. Sister Marie Louise will be the patron of the Foundation. She was the force driving the school forward for so many years. She remains an active trustee and participant in school life.


Children attending a creche at the convent in 1914, photographed by Percival Dunham. The creche was established so that mothers whose husbands had left to join the Army were able to go out to work

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