Descendants of Jean Huelin and Jeanne du Heaume

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Descendants of Jean Huelin

This tree, which previously only covered three generations, was added to the site in 2012 and reviewed in 2019. A major review in 2020 resulted in the addition of two earlier generations and a five generation descent from Jean and Jeanne du Heaume, who were previously at the head of the tree

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  • 1 Jean Huelin (1710- )
    • 2 Jean Huelin (1740- ) [1] m (1/1763) Marie Magdeleine Dallain
      • 3 Marie Magdeleine Huelin (1763- ) [2] m (1784) Jean Le Couteur (St P)
      • 3 Esther Huelin (1766- )
      • 3 Jean Huelin (1770-1772)
      • 3 Jean Huelin (1772- ) m (1799, St P) Jeanne du Heaume (1773- )
        • 4 Jean Huelin (1800-1856) (St P) m (1822, St P) Rachel Sauvage (1801-1872) (St O)
          • 5 Jean Huelin (1823- )
          • 5 Philippe Huelin (1827- ) [3] (St P) m (1850, St S) Jane Renouf (1829- ) daughter of Pierre (St L)
            • 6 Jane Huelin (1850-1851) (St My)
            • 6 Philippe Huelin (1852- ) (St My) [4] m (1884, St S) Melanie Renouf daughter of John (St L) [5]
              • 7 Philip Huelin (1884- )
              • 7 Florence Huelin (1886- )
            • 6 Jane Huelin (1855-1855) (St L)
            • 6 John Huelin (1856- ) (St L)
            • 6 William Huelin (1859-1859) (St P)
            • 6 Francis Huelin (1860- ) (St P) [6]
            • 6 Elise Huelin (1863-1936) (St P) m 1 (1896, St H) Albert Richard Harrison [7]; 2 (1923, St H) John Philip Cabot
            • 6 Louisa Huelin (1865- ) (St P) m (1890, St H) Thomas Renouf de Gruchy [8]
            • 6 James Huelin (1870- ) (St P) [9]
            • 6 Henry Huelin (1873, St P) [10]
          • 5 William Huelin (1830- ) [11] m Mary Ann Le Boutillier daughter of Philippe (St J)
            • 6 Maria Huelin (1861- ) m (1890, St H) Alfred Vaudin [12]
            • 6 William Huelin (1869?- ) [13]
            • 6 John William Huelin (1871?- ) [14] m Lilian Mary Rowe daughter of Henry
              • 7 John Huelin, Deputy [15]
              • 7 William Helier Huelin (1898- ) [16] m 1 (1923) A Gibson
                • 8 June Mary Huelin (1925- )
              • 2nd wife of William Helier Huelin (1934) Gwyneth Clare Locker MBE, [17] daughter of William Jervis Locker, of Staffordshire
                • 8 Daughter Huelin
                • 8 William Valentine Jervis Huelin (1939- ) [18]
              • 7 Victor Huelin (1900- ) [19] m (1924, St H) Gertrude Catherine Patrick daughter of John Macdonald [20]
              • 7 Cyril Huelin (1903- )
              • 7 Ernest Huelin (1910- ) [21]
            • 6 Florence Louisa Huelin (1873- ) m (1895, St H) Maurice Alavoine, Advocate [22]
            • 6 Alexandra Martha Huelin (1876-1941) [23]
            • 6 Lewis William Huelin (1878?-1943) [24]
            • 6 James William Huelin (1881-1913) [25] m (1908, AS) May Louisa Balleine d and heiress of Josué Alexandre Balleine [26] and Carterette Andrews Rowland du Pré
              • 7 James Lewis Rowland (Bob) Huelin (1910- ) [27] m 1 Arlette Aldyth, only daughter of Brigadier Stansfeld
                • 8 Daughter Stansfeld-Huelin
                • 8 Peter Stansfeld-Huelin
                • 8 Daughter Stansfeld-Huelin
              • 2nd marriage of James Lewis Rowland (Bob) Huelin (1956) Constance Margaret (Peggy) Wilson-Johnston
                • 8 Son Huelin
              • 7 Peggy Vivienne Alexandra Huelin (1912- ) m ( -- ) Hodges
          • 5 James Huelin (1832- ) m (1858, Tr) Mary Ann Renaut (1842-1898) daughter of Jean [28]
            • 6 Maria Louisa Huelin (1859-1925)
            • 6 Clementina Eliza Huelin (1861- )
            • 6 Augusta Jane Huelin (1871- )
          • 5 Jane Huelin (1839-1908) m Jean Dallain (1828-1914)
        • 4 Philippe Huelin (1802- ) [29]
        • 4 Jeanne Huelin (1805- )
        • 4 Marie Huelin (1808- ) m Amice Carrel
      • 3 Jeanne Huelin (1776-liv 1841)

Notes and References

  1. R.P.58/213b (1773): Jean Huelin fils Jean sells to Philippe Le Feuvre fils Clement a house and land on the Fief des Vingt Livres, St Peter, for the price of 5 quartiers, 6 cabots and 4 1/2 sixtonniers
  2. Godparents: Jean Le Brocq of St Mary and Elizabeth Huelin, his wife
  3. Farmer of 17 acres at Devon Villa, Augerez: 1871 Census, St Peter
  4. Timber Merchant`s Foreman, living at 8, Rouge Bouillon: 1891 Census, St Helier
  5. Farmer
  6. Grocer and Wine Merchant`s Assistant: 1891 Census, St Helier
  7. Draper, working on his own account: 1901 Census, St Peter
  8. OV; of Surville, Constable of St Martin
  9. Timber Merchant`s Assistant: 1891 Census, St Helier
  10. Two or more of the above brothers eventually emigrated
  11. Founder, about 1852, of what was later called J W Huelin, Timber Merchants. The date 1848 has long been given for the establishment of this firm. However, in the 1851 Census of St Helier, William Huelin, aged 20, appears as a clerk working for Elie Bisson of Seaton Place, a Sailmaker. In 1856, he bought from Philippe Arthur a house and buildings adjoining Seaton Place to the north, and the Esplanade to the south: RP 215/49. This was the start of the 44, Esplanade business of William Huelin who was, in the early years, also a coal merchant. He was then aged 26. The firm eventually became general builders` merchants and when merged in the 20th century, with that of Renouf, acquired extensive premises at Five Oaks, St Saviour. The Huelin-Renouf Shipping Company resulted, and was a well-known feature of 20th century Island life
  12. Master Mariner, son of Philippe, of St John, Proprietor
  13. Victoria College, 1884-1886; living 1891
  14. Victoria College, 1886-1888, after whom his father`s firm was named J W Huelin
  15. OV; served in WW1 as a Lieutenant, Royal Irish Rifles. He was afterwards Director of J W Huelin and a Deputy for St Helier in the States of Jersey
  16. OV; Commissioned in the 13th Rajputs, Indian Army in 1916; he served in the First World War as a Lieutenant. He retired many years later with the rank of Lt-Colonel
  17. Senator in the States of Jersey, after whom Gwyneth Huelin Wing, at Jersey General Hospital, was named
  18. Val Huelin was for some years an Estate agent; before settling in Rhodesia
  19. OV; Businessman
  20. Captain, Cameron Highlanders
  21. OV, then educated at Eastbourne College; of Les Lumières, Route Orange, St Brelade
  22. Lieutenant-Colonel, RJM (1908)
  23. Alexandra Martha Huelin was born in 1876 and christened into the Anglican Church in 1905
  24. MRCS, LRCP, Victoria College, 1888; Captain, RAMC, 1914-1918. Afterwards a GP, living in Elizabeth Place, St Helier
  25. OV; 2nd Lieutenant (1904), Lieutenant (1908) and then Captain, RJMA (Royal Engineers` Company)
  26. Dénonciateur, Captain, RJM
  27. Educated at Cheltenham and Sandhurst, commissioned in The Wiltshire Regiment, served in WW2 and retired not long afterwards due to a war wound, in the rank of Major. He lived at Dièlament Manor and Les Hetres, St Peter
  28. Witnesses were John Dallain and Jane Huelin. 1869 datestone at Les Arches, St John
  29. Master mariner, whose gravestone, with memorial inscription, is facing the west door of St Peter`s Church. J. Jean records him as Master of the 86 ton brigantine Superb until his retirement in 1843. The date of his retirement co-incides with the start of ownership by a Philip Huelin, of the 56 ton brigantine Harriet, the change from sea-going to shipowning having then been a common trait of Island maritime life: Jersey Sailing Ships, (Phillimore, 1982), 92, 147. He married and had issue: R.P.291/9 (1886)
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