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St John's School


St John's School opened in the mid-19th century as a parish school, and was taken over by the States, along with 13 other parish schools, in 1913. It is one of the few island schools of this vintage to include parts of the original structure in the curent buiildings.

This photograph was taken of Phoebe Bisson's class at St John's School, probably in 1938. Standing are Bernard Laisney, Ernest Quenault, Les Huelin, Iris Rondel, Eileen Amy, Peggy Rondel, Audrey Gallie, Evelyn de Gruchy, Irene Rondel, Geoff Vibert, Rozel le Monnier and Reg Spencer. Front row: Basil le Cornu, Margaret du Pays, Peggy Fossey, Hilda Picot, Ivy Vibert, Laura Saux, Kathleen Tomes, Lucille Hidrio, Valerie Gallie and Brian Ellis. The photograph was kept by Eileen Amy, later Barette. In the background is Melbourne House and the photograph was taken in the then playground
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