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Courier from an Ouless painting

In 1847 the New South Western Steam Navigation Company was formed. It bought out the South Western Steam Packet Company's ships and property for £56,623 also the South of England Steam Packet's ships and property for £29,000 and in part cost of three new ships Express, Dispatch and Courier, £42,870. This company was loaned £50.000 by the London and South Western Railway Company.

This new company renewed the 5 year mail contract for £4,000 in April, 1848. 1851 saw the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway Company sued by the South Eastern Railway Company for owning ships contrary to law, so afterwards the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway Company chartered ships from a Mr Maples who had a cargo service operating from Littlehampton to the Channel Islands and from Newhaven to Dieppe. These ships were chartered for eleven years until the Act of Parliament, of 1862, allowing the railway companies to own and operate ships.

A new paddle steamer (iron) built especially for the Channel islands traffic was the Courier, built by Ditchburn and Mare of Blackwall for the South Western Steam Packet Company, of 314 tons and engined by Maudsley. Henry Maudsley accompanied her on her maiden voyage to Jersey on 12 November 1847.

She had two funnels and a clipper bow and was commanded by Captain James Goodridge, who was previously in command of the Monarch. Courier was withdrawn from service in 1875.

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