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Baker family page

A common surname in Jersey in recent times, variants of the name are found in Jersey records as early as the 14th century


Pierre Emile Aubert (1874-1931) and Sarah Baker (1875-1930) who emigrated to Canada

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Origins of surname

Although this very early English surname is occupational, it does not always relate to a maker of bread. It comes from the old English word boeccure. There are a number of possible origins and these include an official with special responsibilities for the baking ovens in a monastery or castle, as well as the keeper of the communal kitchen in a town or village, since most of the humbler households had no cooking facilities other than a pot over a fire. The right to be in charge of this service and to exact money or loaves in return for its use was, in many parts of Britain, a hereditary feudal privilege. Less often the surname may have been acquired by someone noted for specifically baking fine bread or as an owner of a kiln for the baking of pottery or even bricks. The surname is first recorded in the late 12th Century, and early records include Robert Bakere, a witness in the Assize Court Rolls of Lancashire in 1246.

Early records

The name first appears at Le Bakere in Jersey records in the 14th century, but this does not necessarily mean that it was of French origin. It is more likely that the name Bakere belonged to an English immigrant, possibly a soldier, and that the 'Le' was added in an island to help it fit in with local style.

Baker baptisms are found as early as early as the 1670s in Grouville, and the family next appears in St Brelade, St John and St Helier registers in the early 18th century.

Although nearly 200 baptisms and births were recorded in Jersey up to the early 20th century, it is difficult to assemble Baker family trees because the name has long been very common in England and a significant number of Baker immigrants came to Jersey, particularly in the 19th century. St Helier registers show numerous Bakers from the West Country marrying local girls, and also a number of soldiers.


  • Baker
  • Le Bakere, 1340

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