German Occupation

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German Occupation


No period in the Channel Islands' history has had more written about it than the German Occupation of the island from 1940 to 1945, during World War Two. This section attempts to bring together all the important elements in this, one of the darkest periods in the islands' history, from the period before the Germans invaded, when many thousands of islanders were evacuated, to the Liberation and the joyous celebrations of freedom. Read our article summarising the Occupation period and then turn to the individual articles listed below, which provide comprehensive detail of every aspect of the five years that German troops occupied the islands.

  • Please note that the swastika icon is used throughout this section, not in any attempt to glorify the actions of the Germans during their occupation of Jersey, but as the recognised symbol of their repressive regime



Among the lasting legacies of the German occupation are the fortifications erected around the coast and at other locations. Although some were demolished, many gun emplacements, bunkers, towers and other concrete constructions have remained to this day as a constant reminder of a period otherwise best forgotten. Some are now tourist attractions, some have even been partly restored.



The Channel Islands were liberated a day after the official end of the war in Europe and this joyous event is celebrated annually on 9 May. The dwindling numbers of islanders present then and alive today have, without exception, vivid memories of the final events of their occupation by German troops. This series of Liberation articles recall the days leading up to the end of the war, the arrival of liberating British troops, and the celebrations which followed.



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